What Sets Us Apart


Olde English  is the area's only travel lacrosse a program specifically designed to evolve 3rd to 8th grade boys into exceptional high school players.  Our top coaches spend all of their time with our youth players, focusing on the growth of both the player and the person.


Commitment to The Game

We put the game first and are dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse.  Our program is a platform to push the advanced player to new levels, while still providing innovative player development opportunities for growing players.


Loyalty To Local Programs

We do not raid township programs.  We lead the way in growing game.  In addition to the travel program, Olde English invests in the growth of local township and recreational clinics through numerous, sponsored learn to play clinics, youth camps and summer development teams.

Players Above Profit

Under the umbrella of a 501C-3 organization, we are a not-for-profit program.  That means we can keep player registration fees reasonable and make travel lacrosse an option for as many families as possible.

Preserving FUN in Fundamentals

The best way to foster a love for the game is to make it fun.  Our programs are designed to cultivate a passion for the game and allow players to take risks with the support of their teammates and coaches.

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Maintaining Perspective

We don't believe in overpromising  All-Americans or college scholarships.  Our commitment is that we will invest in your son's development and help them become a great teammate and an even better young man.

Are you ready to be a Bulldog?